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This is where I’ll be storing most campaign information other than characters and NPCs. Browse here if you’re looking for rules, updates or information about various places in the campaign world.

Campaign House Rules
Other Feats

Scarredlands Information
The Gods of Scarn
The Titans
Calendar of Ghelspad
Invocation Benefits
The 18 Blades of Vode Nulan

Phylacteric Vault
The Northern Sentinel
The Sanctuary of Gazardriella
Valley of the Obelisks
Whiteforge – Shrine to Corean
Redbark Grove
The Great Temple of Hwyrdd
The Barbed Fiend Dominion
Hornsaw Forest

Groups & Organizations
The Luminous Order
Vigils of Vesh
Order of the Morning Sky
Farstone family lineage

Main Page

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