The Great Lone Wolf of Redbark

A large and fierce timber wolf with a wicked scar upon his flank.


Locals of Dondurran and the Surrinak lands tell of the great lone wolf of Redbark, a large male so fierce and anti-social that he will have none of typical pack life. It is said that this wolf has a fondness for blood and is a hunter of local humans; the folk of Dondurran claim he steals into the farm lands during the nights and makes off with babies or slaughters livestock. The Surrinaks hold a bounty of 100 gold pieces for the death of the great wolf, and the farmers of Dondurran would be celebrate with feasts and good cheer at news of the beast’s death.

In truth most of these rumors fade into fantasy and fairy tale if one tries to trace them to their source, and no actual case of any wolf snatching away babies is said to have occured in Dondurran in recent memory.

In truth the great wolf of Redbark seems to have tastes for blood and prey that, unknowingly, make him a boon to local human populations. He has a strong dislike for the wrongness of titanspawn and hunts down those with the taint within his territory, also he has developed a craving for the tender flesh and tinder-like bone of the wicked faeries that shelter in Redbark.


The Great Lone Wolf of Redbark

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