Sven Woebua



Sven Woebah, is a man of simple tastes, his idea of a fun evening is to drink, get into a brawl, drink some more with the guy he just fought, and finally go home with a willing woman. Hes a cheerful vulgar, likable guy, who lives life with gusto. Women like him because hes attentive, funny, and has a knack for making them feel good. He never misses a chance to buy new people he meets drinks and will try to get them talking about themselves. Strangely, while Sven enjoys a good brawl, the idea of seriously injuring or killing someone disturbs him.

Physical Description:

Sven is great ugly bear of a man: even his muscles have muscles. His fearsome appearance is mitigated by bright blue eyes, and a wide smile that wreaths his scared face. he stands 6’4’’ and has has enough thick blond hair covering his head and body to upholster three normal people.

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Sven Woebua

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