Wicked's Edge

A Fortunate Fool

As told by Sir Bishar Savatyr

In my short time as a hired guard among the Order of the Morning Sky I was able to travel extensively through this small mountain valley which I had never heard of before leaving Darakeene. In these travels I was able to speak to many of the fine people who dwell here; they are a good-natured folk, a bit superstitious but for the most part, appreciative of those who assist them. I have heard many of the local tales and legends, from the twisted depths of Redbark to the horrid mountain passes of the north to the blasted Slaughterscar in the south.
And so, with my term of service to the order completed I tried to find the roving band who had become heroes for assisting the forsaken town of Dundurran. Being unable to find this group I joined up with another collection of daring adventurers calling themselves the Red Tiger Paws. After much thought and planning myself and the Paws set out for Slaughterscar, assuming we were well enough outfitted and experienced to put down some of the undead roaming the area and do a good turn for the Luminous Order and the people of the Valley in the process.

The best laid plans, right? We truly did have nothing but good intentions; we wanted to strike a blow against evil, hit them where it hurt and severely weaken their hold on the region. All started well enough, we dispatched a warren of flesh-eating ghouls and slew a clutch of marauding zombies, but with the fall of night came the end of our adventures. We were set upon as we camped by a group of gnolls who targeted our horses from the cover of darkness, dropping three mounts before we even saw one of them; the axe-wielding gnolls then swarmed our campsite and, though I respect their courage and intentions, the Red Tiger Paws were no match for the bigger and stronger gnolls. I was mounted upon Embarr in the end and was being assaulted from all sides; I remember an axe blade striking deeply into the neck of my faithful mount and an arrow caught me square in the chest even as my mount toppled beneath me.

I awoke lashed to a wooden cross-post in a dark room filled to my waist with dark, cold water; some manner of water-dwelling creatures attempted questioning me, but their language was alien and strange and I could make out little of their words and I truly had no information worth their efforts anyways. they tried to feed me poorly-cooked chunks of fresh, bloody meat that I just knew had to have been members of the Red Tiger Paws and they delighted in the feast Embarr provided them. I have no doubt that I would have shortly met a horrid demise had Sven and his company not arrived to rescue me. By the grace of Madriel I now fight at their sides, my sword Ender back in my hands and eager to spill the blood of those who oppose the forces of good.

I do not know all of what is transpiring; it seems that this place is the nexus of something truly evil, something that could change the world in a dark and lasting way. We must stop it at all costs, if the odd but beautiful woman we encountered down here is to be believed, a gateway to some demonic place is soon to be opened, all that is needed are three objects to complete the ritual to make this portal functional. These objects are down here and we must see them destroyed.


I don’t remember rescuing this dude but I may have fallen asleep :-/ Thanks for the recap Bill it helps fill in the holes.

A Fortunate Fool

Oh, and now I am scared all over again.

A Fortunate Fool

Just read through all of the adventure logs. Great re-cap, you all did an awesome job on that and I look forward to more.

A Fortunate Fool

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