Wicked’s Edge

The story of Vode Nulan is one told often by wizards at the Phylacteric Vault; it is a cautionary tale spoken to young apprentices, warning them of the dangers that come with the awesome powers of magic; teaching the fledgling wizards the responsibilities that come with this knowledge and proving that even the best intentions can lead to disaster if one overlooks the path taken in achieving one’s goals.


The story, in its most common incarnation, is told as follows:
The warrior-wizard Vode Nulan of Valmatas was a man of great ambition, and possessed a seething hatred for the evils lurking in men’s hearts. At the height of his power, he decided to create a weapon so powerful as to be the end of all evil upon Scarn. For a year and a day Vode forged the blade; once the crafting was finished and the enchantments in place, he called day and night for Madriel to witness his blade and bless it with her might. Madriel, in her wisdom, was reluctant to further empower the already awesome blade – but her sister was not so disdainful.
On the final night of Vode’s pleas, Belsameth came to the wizard wearing the likeness of her sister, Madriel. She agreed to bless the blade, and gave Vode a black opal as a sign of her pledge. She bade him set the stone in the swords pommel and promised that the black of the gem would slowly lighten as the amount of evil in the world diminished; when all evil was extinguished, it would shine purest white. Vode eagerly accepted this gift and placed it in the sword.
Vode delighted in the blade’s power, and embarked on a one-man crusade to destroy evil from the memory of the planet, but as time passed the blade began to drive him toward evil. Vode became rabid in his desire to destroy the impure, never realizing the deepening taints within his own soul. Then, after a particularly bloody campaign, it is said that he turned the blade upon himself, realizing that he had become what he hunted. The sword did as its creator had made it to do, forcing Vode to impale himself upon his own blade, bringing the warrior-wizard one step closer to cleansing the world of all evil.


From the time of Vode’s death to the present day, Wicked’s Edge, as the blade has come to be called, has followed a dark and bloody path that has, finally, brought it into the care of the Vault’s wizards. The next step is to destroy the tainted artifact and end the reign of murder that Belsameth has woven through this deadly instrument. The means of accomplishing this task lies in the other wondrous swords of the blade’s deceived creator.
Vode Nulan’s militant spellbook of eighteen swords lies at the heart of Wicked Edge’s ultimate destruction.

The eighteen blades of Vode Nulan are magic swords of various types, each with a spell engraved upon its length. The warrior-wizard Vode Nulan carved the runes in large, easily read strokes, and then filled the etched symbols with gold. Each sword is a marvel of craftsmanship besides serving as a page in Nulan’s “Spellbook.” It is said that the presence of these swords are in some way the keys to unmaking Wicked’s Edge.
Gather these blades brave Questers and rid the world of this murderous relic for good!

Wicked's Edge

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